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The Pickety Witch — Welp.

The Pickety Witch
The Pickety Witch — Welp.
By Amelia E. • Issue #54 • View online
Every week it’s something new, but this last one hits especially. It always feels glib when you talk about pop culture and art during major events like the pandemic, or the Ukraine, and Yemen, and Iran, and, and, and…
But that’s not really how it works. We need art and laughter and whatever else brings us moments of peace between the panic and the fights.
And so here I am writing my silly little newsletter when I’m not doing my silly little job talking about silly little superhero movies.
But also we’re gonna talk about the Ukraine first, PLOT TWIST!

As you’ve undoubtedly heard, things have escalated in the Ukraine. I’m going to let foreign policy experts continue to do the reporting and provide detailed explanations on that, and I hope you’ll do the same. But I did want to talk about somethings that you can do domestically to help in both the short and long term.
We’re constantly facing an uphill battle when it comes to refugees’ safe entry into the US. There’s a long, very angry explanation to that, but for now suffice to say that this is the exact right time to be as vocal as possible about our acceptance of refugees. Call your state and local reps and let them know that you support providing a safe-haven to refugees no matter which political tyranny they’re trying to escape. I, too, hate talking on the phone, but it’s the least we can do to support families fleeing for their lives.
If you thought that last paragraph was going to lead me to elections, you’re exactly right.
I know many people — including some folks who read this bleeding heart liberal newsletter — are fatigued by the bullshit of the two-party system. Hell, I am fatigued by the bullshit of the two-party system. But if any good comes from this idiotic war, please let it be the fundamental understanding that both candidates not being ideal does not mean that they are the same.
That’s all the soap box you’ll get from me. Growing up, folks used to say that you have to vote for yourself. But those were the same folks who told us that we’d become more conservative as we got older and if we went to college we’d get good jobs and be able to afford a house some day. If you won’t vote for yourself, vote for someone you love, or with all the empathy you have in your heart for the people being invaded. (Including in countries that aren’t white presenting.)
Station Eleven
Guess who’s finally watching the apparently-hopeful-I’m-just-not-there-yet-post-apocalypse show.
I don’t really play with post apocalypse media. It wasn’t my jam before the pandemic and it sure as shit didn’t become my jam while we’re experiencing it and folks are feeling nuke-twitchy. But lots of smart people I know like it a lot, so I’m giving it a try.
So far it is a very interesting series presented in a structure that I hate very much. I don’t have the patience for series that hop all over the place, because I inevitably care about one story infinitely more than the others and I’m forced to tolerate the other minutes as a hold-out for the thing I care about. But everyone is very good and it’s very interesting.
AND stop putting “encouragable” boy lands girl who is completely disinterested by being persistent in stories. It’s 2022. If you’ve seen the series I’m glad he died first and I wish it hurt more.
DOUBLE AND — Mackenzie Davis is great, but I absolutely cannot believe more people aren’t talking about Danielle Deadwyler’s impeccable performance. Goddamn.
And one more thing!
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