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The Pickety Witch
The Pickety Witch — Vacation's What I Wanna Do
By Amelia E. • Issue #47 • View online
party on the beach fun for me and you…“
I’m on vacation! That means I don’t have anything interesting to report on the work front. But I can say that I have some very fun Scream stuff headed your way (including a review) because I took time off from said vacation. One of my primary goals this year is to take time for me, but we make exceptions for our favorite horror franchise.
The first Mia Babbles is live over on the Patreon, too.
Also, I baked scones and they were baller (and moist until they were gone 5 days later), and the most bastardized version of Tteokguk ever made. The soup may have only been some far off remnant from itself, but it was damn tasty and it fed us for two days.
Because Matt has COVID and because the world is back on its wave bullshit, we’re basically back under full quarantine. (Which is why my vacation has mostly consisted of baking and cooking and why I ordered bread yeast the other day…) I am still negative, thankfully.

Vitamin C - Vacation (HQ)
Vitamin C - Vacation (HQ)
The Future Is Female
So follow her. This week’s spotlight is on Joi Childs. Fun fact (and one I certainly didn’t know when I started as an editor): it can be hard to get marginalized freelancers to trust you when you’re a white editor with little to no background. When I got my first staff gig (and my first budget), it was really important to me to include diverse voices. But I struggled to get anyone on board. In some cases it was rates (I couldn’t pay as much as major competitors) but in a lot of them it was simply that I wasn’t known enough in the community.
Enter Joi, who not only gave me a list of freelancers she recommended, but handled introductions so they knew that I was at least some semblance of trustworthy. There are a million and one other reasons to follow her, given how goddamn good she is at her work, and the fact that she’s often hilarious, but I’ll always remember that she trusted me enough to let me to work with her community.
What I'm Watching
Fuck me, Peacemaker is great. No one is more surprised than me by that sentence. I didn’t care for Gunn’s Suicide Squad, and I love a great deal of his work. I felt like it punched down and missed the point in a lot of areas that didn’t involve Ratcatcher II or the delightful King Shark. I especially had no interest in continuing Peacemaker’s story. But I’m a Streaming Editor and it’s my job, (boo hoo, right?) so I did what I had to and god freaking damnit it is so goddamn good. The opening credits are hysterical. The commentary is as in-your-face as the people who need to hear it require it to be. Jennifer Holland is incredible. I am two episodes in and I cannot wait to fucking consume the rest of it. Point to you, James Gunn!
Yellowjackets has been really solid. I’m not obsessed with it in the ways some of my colleagues are, but I do enjoy it a great deal. Emma Fraser put together an exceptional list of questions we have leading into next week’s finale.
We recently watched the first couple episodes of Abbott Elementary, a show that I had kind of avoided but ended up enjoying a good deal. I was worried it was going to just make me sad. And it does! But it’s also hysterical, so…
I binged The Witcher, which I enjoyed way more than I thought I would, but I think we talked about that already. I hope Cranky Witch Mom takes over the continent and kills all the men that aren’t The Witchers and Jaskier. (Burn Butcher Burn is 98593582358375983758237589357 times better than Toss A Coin To Your Witcher. Good day.)
I have to watch Raised by Wolves for Work Reasons™. It didn’t seem like my thing, but I’m interested to see what it’s all about. Also on the eventual catch-up list is Wheel of Time and… well, a bunch of shows that have suddenly erased themselves from my mind. (This is why you need a series feature, Letterboxd.)
Have you checked out the Merri Hour yet? The weekly YouTube show is hosted by Matt Donato and Perri Nemiroff. The two discuss all the goings on of the movie world, and then Perri destroys Matt at beer pong. As both a guest and a frequent watcher of the show (Fridays at 4:30PM PST/7:30PM EST), I can assure you it’s well worth your time. It’s one of the few good things to come out of quarantine. Watch their socials (tagged above) for the weekly link, or subscribe directly to Perri’s YouTube channel so you get the notifications!
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