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The Pickety Witch — The Uncharted Superb Owl

The Pickety Witch
The Pickety Witch — The Uncharted Superb Owl
By Amelia E. • Issue #52 • View online

So, plot twist: The Uncharted Movie is good actually? It’s not reinventing the wheel, but if anyone ever expected it to that’s kinda on them. It’s silly fun, and Tati Gabrielle rules.
She was also an absolute doll to chat with. Find out where our favorite bad-girl-gone-mostly-good from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina hopes to go next now that Uncharted is out in the world and the rest of her 2022 projects are in the can.
From Prudence to Braddock: What's Next For Uncharted's Tati Gabrielle? - IGN
I also had a chance to sit down with Ruben Fleishcher to have a spoiler-free chat about what it was like adapting beloved properties like Venom and Uncharted. There’s a more spoiler-y conversation to come once the film releases wide this Friday!
Unraveling the Uncharted Movie with Director Ruben Fleischer - IGN
This week also marks the “beginning” of a top secret project that I hope to be able to share more about in the coming months. But, in the meantime, I’m just going to say that I’m really proud of what my cohorts and I have done so far and I cannot wait to show you if we successfully get this project off the floor.
In the meantime, I spent the weekend working and watching the Super Bowl. I broke up with football after Kaep, and only tentatively returned this season in support of the COVID protocols that the NFL basically elected to ignore after putting in place.
Still, it was the first time I had been football stressed in a good long while. As a lifelong Lions fan, it was strange to see Stafford playing for a different team. His comments on the matter prior to the big game won me over, and I spent the last 6 minutes screaming at my TV while also trying to review a script. Good times.
It moments of conflict, I always find that Michael Harriot provides a view that makes me think more. He’s a great “who to follow” if you’re looking for direction this week.
Whiteness wins the Super Bowl - TheGrio
No huge updates on my end, otherwise! Things seem to be on the path of mellowing down, so I look forward to being able to deep dive into more topical things soon. In the meantime, remember that Black history month is every month, but if you need an extra nudge here’s your message to go patron some Black creators!
I’ll see you next week, m'loves.
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