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The Pickety Witch — Super Soft

The Pickety Witch
The Pickety Witch — Super Soft
By Amelia E. • Issue #57 • View online
First time on a monthly schedule and late by a week? Couldn’t be me! Lol.
Listen. I have a good excuse: last week was Matt’s birthday and we had four guests in town and I’ve been trying to throw him this gd birthday for three years now and it finally happened. It was very cute and I was very tired and everyone had very much fun. So’ we’re calling it a success.

Clearly I hate this guy.
Clearly I hate this guy.
There are more pictures on my Instagram if you’re, like, super invested in super soft shenanigans. I baked so many freaking cupcakes, lol.
Moon Knight Episode 4: Who Was That Hippo Goddess? - IGN
The question of “what have you been up to?” hasn’t gotten much easier post-quarantine. I really just work a lot. I’m trying to be better about it, but a large amount of my time is spent working or thinking about work or feeling bad about not doing one of those two things. Thanks, late stage capitalism! Still, at least I’m happy with what I do and what I create most of the time.
I’ve been spending a lot of time with comic books, lately. I think we may have talked about that a bit in last month’s edition of the letter, but I’m about midway through Gail Simone’s Batgirl omnibus, with Burnside on deck and my girl Steph’s Nubia and the Amazons omnibus on the way soon-ish. Pretty sure I’ll be adding Mighty Thor to that, too. All of them are revisits sans Nubia, but they lost a lot of my books in the move and I need an excuse to re-buy them anyhow!
Holy shit did y'all watch Severance? So, so good. It was a little slow for me in the beginning, but it sticks the landing in a big way. Take this as my umpteenth reminder that Apple TV+ continues to blow other streamers out of the water and is worth the 6 bucks a month (or just remind them to give you a free trial next time you upgrade any kind of Apple hardware).
Hulu remains the place to go for sleeper hits despite its sluggish subscriber numbers, too. We just finished The Dropout and hoooo boy. I want to fight Elizabeth Holmes with my bare hands. What a show!
We’re also in the midst of Winning Time which, while I don’t find it as disgusting as Pam & Tommy’s lack of consent from key players, I do vehemently agree with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s remarkable writing on the series.
If you’re looking for a resource to keep you up to date and guide you on helping the Ukraine, I cannot recommend the IRC enough.
Crisis in Ukraine: Donate Now | International Rescue Committee
Looking for information and ways to help Palestine? IRUSA has you covered there.
Trans kids are under attack across the globe. There’s a lot we can do. Unfortunately, much of it involves the long-game legislatively and politically. Less unfortunately, you can be a vocal supporter of Trans rights now. The world is coming for these kids, the least we can do is tell them that we’re standing with them while it does until we can make it stop. There are several great Trans orgs, but the Coven loves Trans Lifeline and The Trevor Project.
Don’t forget to be vocal in real life, too. Get involved in local politics. The communities we create for these kids can’t just exist online.
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