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The Pickety Witch - Issue #50

The Pickety Witch
The Pickety Witch - Issue #50
By Amelia E. • Issue #50 • View online
50 issues? Who let that happen? How did you all get here? WHERE AM I?!
The special irony here has strong “best laid plans” vibes. The intention was to put together a knockout of a 50th issue. The reality is that I spend all day doing half of a junket and found out a couple of hours ago that I had to be back up to finish it at 6AM.
So, this is me telling myself not to be a moron and get hung up on an arbitrary number. Fancy issue next week. Probably. Maybe. But definitely fun things to come next week, as this one I didn’t write or produce anything at all. All edits all the time!

I suppose I shall leave you with this before I go:
The last high school was desegregated after most of us graduated high school. In my case, nearly a decade after.
Why do I share this? Great question! Maybe as a reminder to listen.
Watch The Afterparty on AppleTV+. These two things have absolutely 0 connection, I just felt weird not leaving you with a recommendation.
I have to sleep!
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Amelia E.

An intersection between pop culture and social change, and whatever musings come to me along the way.

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