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The Pickety Witch — I'm fcking tired

The Pickety Witch
The Pickety Witch — I'm fcking tired
By Amelia E. • Issue #58 • View online
And angry. But first, look at this nice thing that happened.

becca moore
i got robbed at Coachella, my phone, credit card, & keys were taken. the next day i was left in a city alone with no way to ask for help. a hotel got me an uber & the driver ended his shift to stay w me all day. he helped me file a police report & we ended up getting margs lol
becca moore
while we were eating, he showed me pictures of his family and I realized his daughter is currently a high schooler struggling through chemo. he saved me in an emergency that day so i want to help him. I made him a gofundme!! please share / donate!!
It’s from a little bit ago, but since I don’t do this weekly anymore sometimes I like to save nice things. Mostly because if you have a uterus everything is fucking infuriating 10000% of the time because a lot of people “care” but do nothing and secretly think you’re acting up over nothing because you had the audacity to pay thirty seconds of attention to [gestures at everything].
rylan ☻
my favorite part of tonight was when dave chappelle ambushed us at the john mulaney show, told a bunch of transphobic jokes, a massive stadium of people laughed, and then john mulaney hugged him at the end
Here’s a nice man most of us love hugging a flagrant transphobe because we don’t call out our friends, I guess. (Or, worse, we’re down with transphobia.)
Oh yeah, and it was at the massively expensive comedy festival put on by a company that just laid off a huge number of industry workers, many of which were LGBTQ and PoC.
I try not to be too doom and gloom in this newsletter but, uh, holy fucking shit, you guys. LOL. How long do we all look at all of this — like, everything, not just layoffs and transphobes — before we collectively shriek until we pass out? And this is before we even consider the how many mass shootings that took place this month already?
And let’s talk about voting while we’re here. When did “But I did vote!” become the “not all men” of the political ecosystem? (It’s (white) women, too, but I didn’t have a better metaphor.) I’m so glad if you did. I’m sorry it didn’t go our way. But huge percentages of people did not, and perhaps consider that, if you did, then the plea to get involved wasn’t about or for you.
Also, “I tried this once or twice and nothing happened so why bother” is the most baby-assed, privileged take on this planet. Shut the fuck up and go be helpful, Dillon. Voting isn’t a one and done thing. It’s a FOR LIFE thing. It’s an AT EVERY LEVEL thing. Most places make it the easiest thing in the world to get your ballots in and counted. And the districts where it’s not? Where the folks who have to fucking battle to get their voices heard? They’re most certainly not crying about being a part of the process.
Anyway, that’s that. That’s what I have. I’m mad.
And, when I’m mad, I like to do shit. So here’s some shit that you can do too.
  • Transphobic Bullshit: anti-trans legislation is still cropping up across America. Fight it with the school boards, vote out tranphobic legislators, call it out when you see it on the streets, protect trans kids, and donate to your local orgs. (I call out Trans Lifeline and the Trevor Project often, and they’re both great if you live in a state not trying to get trans youth killed. But the best thing you can do is support local orgs!)
  • Roe v. Wade Bullshit: Do not get quiet. Use the midterms to fight to vote out every single one of the motherfuckers who mean to take away our rights. And dudes? Step the fuck up, we need you right now. Look into local orgs who provide reproductive health, and delete your period tracking apps.
  • COVID Bullshit: Cases are up. Wear a fucking mask.
  • Gun Bullshit: idk, y'all. We as a nation decided schools full of dead kids were fine so I don’t have strong direction other than continue to fight the NRA at every turn and vote every mother fucker who takes money from them out. I know it’s exhausting. I’m exhausted too. But we’re not ok with schools full of dead kids, so we’re going to keep fighting the slowest fight ever because we can’t let ourselves be numb. We can’t.
  • Your Bullshit: The most helpful version of you is the most well taken care of. If you cannot take care of yourself, you cannot take care of others. Please secure your air mask before helping the other passengers, but don’t forget about the other passengers after you do.
I love you, dummies. May I have something more pleasant to come back with next month.
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