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The Pickety Witch — Bar Writing

The Pickety Witch
The Pickety Witch — Bar Writing
By Amelia E. • Issue #53 • View online
I saw a meme the other day that said “I wish I wrote as much as I thought” and boy did that hit me. It would be a jumbled, manic mess, but damn the kind of output I would be able to achieve would be insane.

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What's Up, Doc?
For the last several weeks, I’ve continually said that there’s been a work project taking up most of my spare time. Turns out, when you don’t know much about a property, covering it takes 3x more time than it does to cover something you do! Anyway, my Uncharted interviews are live now —
The Unexpected Game Tom Holland Used to Unwind on the Uncharted Movie Set
The Unexpected Game Tom Holland Used to Unwind on the Uncharted Movie Set
Why Mark Wahlberg Stuck With Uncharted Through All of its Iterations
Why Mark Wahlberg Stuck With Uncharted Through All of its Iterations
I wish it was more interesting than that, but hey! I got to chat with Spider-Man and Marky Mark, haha.
Due to some unforeseen circumstances, I also ended up reviewing the Peacemaker S1 Finale. Though, mercifully, I know quite a bit about that one. (It was great, if you haven’t watched the first season I cannot recommend it enough.)
Follow the Leader(s)
If you’re looking for some remarkable voices to follow, look no further.
Shannon Miller is an editor at AdWeek. Her Black History Month profiles are a treasure trove of creatives you should be following all year round.
Profiles in Black Creativity 2022: Meet All This Year's Featured Talents
Bar Work
Whenever I hear someone talking about writing in a cafe, my brain can’t quite wrap around it. I can’t understand how someone can sit in a space with a bunch of people and accomplish anything creative.
… she writes from the brewery down the road from her apartment.
Matt — the roommate — and I have spent all of 2022 in a light self-imposed isolation. We still go to screenings when we have to for work, but it’s always a stressful affair that involves us sitting as far as humanly possible from other people. He got COVID at the beginning of the year after all of our precautions, so we definitely doubled down on safety after that point.
Now that cases are evening out again, we’re slowly venturing out into the world… again. And so here I sit with my pup and my iPad keyboard and my vodka pineapple (baby doesn’t like beer) writing up this newsletter in the loud hum of bar chatter and way-too-loud music. And, I gotta say, despite my distaste for cafe writing, bar writing kinda works for me?
Shout out to anxiety brains for making absolutely no sense, because I’m the type of person who can’t use her critical thinking skills when there are other loud noises occurring around her. Yet babbling around a bunch of loud hooligans scratches the right creative itch.
What’s my point? Brains are weird and I’m happy to be drinking a drink someone else made. And if you’re not ready to play outside again, take your time. I’m still in strictly outdoor mode myself.
The Unspoken War in the Room
Ok, let’s talk about Russia and the Ukraine. First, if you need a quick rundown of how we got to where we are today, check out this quick breakdown.
What does Putin want in Ukraine? The conflict explained | CNN
Bottom line? Putin believes the Ukraine belongs to him. (Most of) The Ukraine knows otherwise. No bombs have been deployed, but Russia continues to engage in different kinds of warfare like it’s patented cyber attacks and a host of thinly (or not so thinly) veiled threats against the Ukraine and anyone who would support the country should a conflict unfold.
Which it did. Or at least it has started to. On Monday, Putin sent troops to two separate pro-Russia provinces in the Ukraine.
The US has already sent about 3000 additional troops to Poland should things escalate, and plan to place further sanctions on Russia after Monday’s events. To read up on other countries’ responses to Russia’s moves on Monday, check out the below.
Live updates: The Ukraine-Russia crisis
How Can You Help?
As is the case with all international affairs, the answer to this is kind of complicated on a grand scale, and the simple answer is an annoying one when you’re constantly being told to pay attention to all of the things all of the time. But, annoyance doesn’t change the fact that the best thing you can do for now is pay attention. Russia’s interference in global affairs has already had major ramifications on the US,
Certified Forgotten highlights the horror films that fall through the cracks of modern distribution. The Matts™ host a bi-weekly podcast featuring forgotten gems with ten reviews or less on Rotten Tomatoes, as well as acting as a home for new voices in the horror genre! You can follow them on both Twitter and Instagram.
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